30 Worst Presents Ever

While it’s the thought that counts, there are some instances that are just too good not to share.

While it’s the thought that counts, there are some instances that are just too good not to share:
  • My boyfriends grandmother (we’ve been dating three years) handed me a little bag with one of the keychains that says your name on it.. except it wasn’t my name, it was his ex’s. @chicknorris94
  • One year my sister recieved an iPhone, new headphones, and a bunch of other cool stuff. I recieved a set of mini gourmet olive oils. That was when i realized i was a grown up 🙄😂 @makkrimson
  • A book on how to keep a home tidy from the mother in law
  • A cardigan too small, ‘for when you lose the baby weight’ from the mother in law
  • A lipstick that had already been used and had the smudges on the top of it

Worst Presents Ever

  • An expired Halloween hello kitty hot chocolate @nvdie
  • My grandma once got me a sweater that was awesome… Until I put it on and realized one sleeve was normal length, one was about two feet too long @curlysarah29
  • My neighbours gave me a ball of string when I was 10 @ingrid_hutchings
  • I got a purse made out of an empty oatmeal container!!! The huge size. It was covered in neon flowered jean material @momto2cutechimutts
  • I got an opened thing of travel sized q-tips. Like what. @tiffanymarieevans
  • A chopping board! I was devastated 😂 @laura_leyshon
  • Coffee cups year after year…and I don’t drink coffee ☕️ @neehopkins

Worst presents ever IG

  • A transformer toy. From my then 8 year old brother (I’m 11 years older than him) and of course when I didn’t have use for it so guess who jumped at the opportunity to take it 😂 @alyr.fit
  • A shirt from my grandparents that my grandfather compared to those the ‘Young girls’ where at the bar 🙃 it was a sheer shirt to wear over another top 😅😂 @kaatoliver_
  • My dad got me hand cream for my 21st birthday. A couple weeks later I stayed in his wife’s workplace hotel and it was the same handcream in the room. 😳 @shannonmurdochh
  • I was a nerdy kid and I was in love with pumice rocks and vulcanoes. One christmass my grandad gave me a giant package, I was so happy and thrilled. Inside the package was another package and so on. After like 10 boxes there it was, a pumice rock. @mara0922
  • I got two bars of Dove soap from my aunt. @allie.coburn
  • A string of dental floss with 2 bandaids attached…when i was 14, my dad thought it would be funny to give me a bra that fit….in front of the whole family. 😑 @mslainey13
  • Was turning 16 and my Nana was telling me how amazing this gift she picked for me was. Had a big family party and recorded me opening it. It was a Furby. And because I was staying for vacation with my grandparents, I had to play with it for the entire week. @stephiepc
  • My uncle gave me a box of pre packaged sausages when I’ve been vegetarian for 8 years 🙄🙊 @chantal_noreika
  • I was given 1 lip gloss from a packet of 5 and a towel with a huge brown stain on it 😂 @jenycunningham
  • I was given plus size clothes by my aunt because she thought I’d gain more weight to fill them out. They were a size 16, I was 17 and a size 6…. @singerandsinner
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