19 Winter Date Ideas

Not your usual winter date ideas.

Netflix and chill is one thing. But let’s be honest, it shouldn’t be the only thing. Sometimes you need to get out of the house, in fact – this should be on the reg. There isn’t much that fresh air and nature won’t fix. Date night is meant to be fun.

For singles, it should be entertaining enough that if your partner sucks, you can still have fun on said date, with our without him/her.

And if you’re date is awesome, then you learn something about them, and this hopefully leads to date #2.

For couples, date night is a means to re-connect, get away from the mundane grind and remind each other why you’re both flat out legends.

Things start to get difficult in Winter. When it’s cold outside, the rain is pummelling down meaning uber have a 2.9% surcharge, and the couch seems like the most ideal option, but I’m here to help.


Bowling. Yep, you’ve seen it before. An oldie but a goodie, ultimately, bowling is a sport and sport is about competition. What better way to get to know your date than to get a little competitive. I mean, everything* is a competition isn’t it? *Unless I’m losing, then nothing is a competition.


Trivia Night. Always fun, you both have your strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, your strengths are their weakness’ and vice/versa. Only one way to find out.

Foosball table/pool. Go to the pub, have a drink and challenge each other to a foosball or pool competition.

Cooking class. Get to know each other, pick up some tips, dinner included. Ideal. If it were me, I’d choose one that included wine…but that’s a personal thing.

Brewery, winery or refinery. Mix it up, winery’s have been done – don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful day out and loads of fun. But what about a whisky refinery? Sip something you may not have tried before… There are brewery’s, winery’s and refinery’s where you can learn to make your desired poison. How fun is that!

Music/Dance/DJ class. If rhythm isn’t your strong point, you’re not alone, a music or DJ class is a fun way to get involved. Learn to spin the decks or play the trumpet; you can never have too many skills.

Go to the Drive-in. Another crowd favourite, GREECE style. It’s like the ultimate Netflix and chill. Get comfortable, snuggle up and settle in. Probably the only activity that’s still great when the rain is pouring.

Berry/mushroom picking. Foraging for seasonal produce is a fun way to explore the outdoors and get amongst it. Then go home and make something delicious with your find.

Master-chef at home. Here’s the plan. You go to the market together, split up, you each have a budget ($25). Choose five ingredients, make sure you don’t sneak a peek at the others. Then when you get home, swap bags and make a surprise meal for each other. TIP: one of you chose dessert and one dinner.

Take a tour, and pretend you just met. Head to a local attraction, take a group tour. Pretend you just met, make up a story on the spot. “Oh us? Oh, we just met at the cafe down the street, she was ordering a latte me a pumpkin spiced mocha frappe.”

Museum/gallery. Get cultured and debate some artwork, play tour guide.

Road trip. Doesn’t have to be far, just down the coast? Stop for lunch or snacks. They do say the best way to get to know someone is on holiday.

Movie marathon. Set yourselves up for an emotional rollercoaster. Choose your favourite movie to make the other watch, then a third movie neither of you has seen. Start the day with a comedy or action, move on to a tearjerker and end the day with a rom-com or a scary movie, “hold me, I’m scared”.

Board game night. I don’t remember the last time I played Scrabble, Twister or Monopoly, but I’m sure I won. I mean, everything IS a competition. Test your language with Scrabble, your flexibility with Twister and your investment skills with Monopoly. Probably a good idea before things get too serious, do they prefer their hotels on Mayfair or Old Kent Road?

Have your palms read. Recommended more for couples, get your palms or cards read and find out a little more about yourselves.

Pottery class. à la Ghost. Make something together that you can have forever as a symbol of that time you got covered in clay and laughed at each other all night.

Race go-karts. Test your speed and reaction time. Race against each other, or go with another couple and pick teams.

Real life Where’s Wally. Head to your local IKEA to play Where’s Wally. Take it in turns, each room/section. Someone runs ahead; they have 30 seconds to hide in the next section, in plain sight. This one is most fun when there are loads of people around wondering what you’re doing.

Watch youtube and teach yourself something. Youtube is wonderful. Learn to make balloon animals, crochet beanies for each other.

Yours in Love,
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