11 Netflix and Chill Essentials

Ready for a date night without all the dress up? Check out our 11 Netflix and chill date night essentials.

Not every date night has to be out of the house. Sometimes the best dates are those where you dress down and stay in for the night. Who doesn’t love binge watching a really great TV show? So, next time you’re looking for a fun and relaxing date, choose to Netflix and chill with these essentials!



  1. Comfy Clothes

You can’t dress up for a Netflix and chill date. No. Instead, you need to wear a comfy t-shirt, your favorite yoga pants, and some fuzzy socks. It’s your chance to see each other with your hair down. Embrace it.


  1. Blankets & Pillows

No Netflix and chill night is complete without a couple of blankets and pillows. Whether you’re curling up on the couch, in bed, or on the floor, piling on the blankets and pillows adds a decadent touch to the evening.


  1. Massage Oil

The pause button is a fabulous feature. It’s never a bad idea to hit pause for a little massage time. Or, if you’re not that interested in the show, keep it playing in the background while you lie down, close your eyes, and work out all those kinks.


  1. Café Tea

Of course, you need something to drink while binge watching. While wine and beer are great, personally we love kicking back with a cup of Coconut Sencha or Choc Nirvana. A little sweet never hurt anyone. Or, maybe some Sex Tea.


  1. Candles

There’s no reason you can’t make Netflix and chill a romantic night. Turn off the lights and light up some candles to add a glow to your room that makes it perfect for snuggling.


  1. Snacks

You can’t binge watch without snacks, but be careful. If you’re going to be sitting there for hours, you don’t want unhealthy snacks. Instead, pop some all-natural popcorn, grab a few handfuls of nuts, and a few oatmeal cookies.


  1. Lip Balm

No one likes chapped lips. A little lip balm can go a long way to keeping your lips smooth and kissable. Bring an extra tube to share with your date, just in case.


  1. Gum

If you’ve been snacking and drinking the entire night, who knows what your breath smells like? Make sure you have a few sticks of gum ready to go as your breath freshener. If you really want, sneak in a toothbrush and some toothpaste.


  1. Extra Clothes

Since you may be staying overnight, who knows how long you’ll binge, make sure you have an extra set of clothes for the morning after. Believe us; it’s worth the hassle.


  • Sexy Underwear

Hey, just because you’re wearing comfy clothes doesn’t mean you can’t look rocking underneath. We know what Netflix and chill means and sexy underwear is a requirement.


  • Protection

If you’re going to Netflix and chill, make sure you have the right protection. There’s no reason to get caught unprepared.


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