If you’re a new mother, we guarantee that you’ll love our Breastfriend…

If you’re a new mother, we guarantee that you’ll love our Breastfriend Tea. It is packed with six wholesome ingredients to help you produce more and better breast milk, recover from giving birth, and make it through the tough months directly after birth. If you’re looking for something that will help your feel more energetic while promoting your health and the health of your baby, look no further.

Fructus Liquidambaris

Fuctus Liquidambaris—also known as Lu Lu Tong or Sweetgum Fruit—is a natural herb packed with goodness. It’s in our Breastfriend Tea because helps to generate healing in the body, which means it can assist with sore nipples and even birthing scars. And beyond healing, it supports the production of breast milk so you can produce higher quality and more breast milk.

Chinese Angelica

Chinese Angelica, also called Dong Quai or female ginseng, helps to nourish the blood. The reason this is important is because your blood is linked to your ability to produce breast milk. It also soothes aches, pains, and fatigue to help you recover more quickly. Finally, your digestion and bowels can have difficulty after giving birth, and Chinese Angelica promotes the healthiness of both.

Polished Round-Grain Rice

It might seem strange to have Polished Round-Grain Rice in our Breastfriend Tea, but it’s great for boosting your energy. More than that, it is high in antioxidants to help keep you healthy, and it also improves your complexion, which can be an issue when your hormones are still out of sync from pregnancy.

Chinese Red Tea

Chinese Red Tea is another name for Black Tea. It’s great for improving blood circulation, which we already mentioned helps with milk production. It has also been known to aid women in preventing cancerous growths in the breasts by supporting your immune system—packing you full of antioxidants.

Liquorice Root

Whether you enjoy the taste of liquorice or not, Liquorice Root is a great ingredient in Breastfriend Tea. It harmonizes all of the other herbs within the tea to create a cohesive blend. But it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help keep you and your baby healthy. It’s also great for your digestion, helping to alleviate stomach pain and relieving indigestion.

Cowherb Seed

The final ingredient in our Breastfriend Tea, Cowherb Seed is a powerful herb that directly assists in promoting milk secretion. It also helps to promote your blood circulation, providing new moms a double breastfeeding whammy. And for new moms who may have had complications such as a C-section or tearing, Cowherb Seed assists in treating wounds. If you’re a new mother or you know a new mother, give our Breastfriend Tea a try. It has all the ingredients you need for new moms and new babies.

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