Man Tea Sample Box

Tea isn’t just for women. With our Man Tea Gift Box, mean get to work hard and play harder.

Tea isn’t just for women. In fact, we’ve created a brand new gift box dedicated to men. If you’re ready to build muscle mass, beat your hangovers, and get rid of the pollution of life, then you’ll love The Man. We specifically chose our favorite teas for men who exercise hard and play even harder. Check out what’s inside.

Man Tea

Our Man Tea was designed just for men who are ready to increase their muscle building and get more out of every workout. How does it work? We used a special blend of herbs to give a man everything he could need. Our Man Tea will:

  • Calm your digestive system (so last night’s pizza doesn’t kill you).
  • Give you more stamina and strength (so you can workout harder).
  • Reduce your coffee cravings (because five cups a day isn’t a good idea).
  • Enhance your energy (so you can make it through work and to the gym).
  • Build lean muscle mass (so your workouts are more effective).

In our gift box, you’ll receive 60 teabags, enough to drink one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening for a month.

Hangover Tea

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t be dull! You can still go out on the weekends and have a few drinks without the after-effects with our Hangover Tea. The blend of  Traditional Chinese herbs makes a perfect drink for the days following your alcohol binge. So, why did we include it in our gift box? Our Hangover Tea will:

  • Relieve your headaches (because nothing kills your morning faster).
  • Calm your digestion (so that you’re not dealing with a morning over the toilet).
  • Balance your body (so you can recover more quickly).

With our Hangover Tea, you’ll receive 40 teabags, enough to get you through at least 20 nights out on the town.

Antioxidant Tea

If you want to keep playing hard at the office, gym, and bar, then you need to have a body that can handle the everyday stress of life. That means you need our Antioxidant Tea. Life isn’t easy on your body. You’re constantly fighting off toxins. Our Antioxidant Tea works to remove the toxins from your liver and drain away impurities. We love it because it will:

  • Improve your immune system (so you stay healthier).
  • Help you sleep better (because a good night’s sleep is vital to your health).
  • Aid your digestion (so you can absorb the nutrients you need).

Each box of our Antioxidant Tea comes with 60 teabags, enough to drink two cups a day for a month.

There really are so many reasons to try our new The Man gift box. Give it a shot today.

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