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Recently, Istvan reached out with some more insight about Matcha Green Tea. She called our Health Benefits of Matcha Tea blog “kort maar krachtig” or “short but powerful” as they would say in the Netherlands, then she sent us her detailed blog.

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You can find her full article Everything About Matcha Green Tea Powder at the link. The article contains an infographic (found below) as well as a ton of helpful information. To give you a taste, we’re sharing our ten favorite pieces of information!

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  1. Matcha green tea has a distinctive taste, which most people would characterize as bittersweet with vegetal flavor. The taste can differ based on the grade of tea used, the area the tea was grown and other factors.
  2. It is said that Buddhist monk, Eisai, introduced tea in Japan in the 12th century. He brought the tea seeds to the country, planted them, and started spreading the word.
  3. The tea plants used for Matcha are shaded during the last part of the growth process, just before being picked. The shading happens for three weeks and increases amino-acid production in the leaves.
  4. One of the most highly regarded tea producing regions in Japan is the Uji region, where high-quality teas are produced.
  5. Matcha specifically contains high amounts of EGCG a type of polyphenol. EGCG is known to be a ‘superstar’ antioxidant with several positive effects on health.
  6. A Japanese study, conducted by Kuriyama, Shimazu, Ohmori, (2006), found that drinking green tea regularly helped lower heart disease risk. The study took 11 years.
  7. According to Thangapazham et al. (2007), the EGCG and other polyphenols in tea can help prevent the spread of breast cancer.
  8. According to Bryan (2007), the combination of L-theanine and caffeine in green tea can mitigate negative energy effects. Instead of having the typical energy crash, tea offers a more balanced state with better focus.
  9. Hundreds of years ago, Buddhist monks in Japan realized that Matcha tea could help improve focus. They used it as an enhancer for their meditation.
  10. Matcha flavored toothpaste The description for the toothpaste claims that the catechins in green tea can block the activity of the bacteria, which causes tooth decay.


Don’t forget to read all the great information on the Istvan’s blog and take a look at the infographic below!



No doubt you know about green tea. Matcha is not just any old green tea. We source the most superior certified organic green tea leaves from Japan; which are steamed, dried, the leaves stripped from the stems, then ground into a fine powder. This powder, that’s matcha. Given that it contains the entire leaf, it’s not your standard green tea.
Benefits of drinking matcha include cleansing, increased energy, possible weight loss, immunity, relaxing and calming the mind, and regulating metabolism.


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