Beat the Bloat – the 10 tip challenge!

There is nothing worse than feeling bloated. It is debilitating both physically…

There is nothing worse than feeling bloated.

It is debilitating both physically and emotionally… it makes us cranky, lethargic and worst of all – it often causes us to feel ironically hungry?!! Yet the thought of putting anything else in your belly is almost inconceivable!

Why does your stomach bloat?

Your stomach bloats because it is trying to tell you something. It is saying “no, I can’t digest that. Stop, give me a break. Help, nourish me, I’m all worn out”.

Over the years, we ware out our digestive systems via modern lifestyle: stress, emotions, sugars, poor eating, over eating, under eating, alcohol, staying up late etc etc… once your system is worn out, the most common symptom is then, bloating!

There are a number of precautions you can take to really reduce bloating – you’ve got to remember that your body doesn’t just decide to blow out for no reason – there is always a cause.

If you can find the cause of the bloating, then you can take this away and avoid the pain.

The next step after you’ve found the cause – is helping to RESTORE your digestive system – so your body can become less sensitive to these issues that cause the bloat initially.

Our TinyTeatox restores and replenishes the digestive system – hence so many customers report a total reduction in bloat.


For those of you who don’t have a TinyTeatox in their cupboard, try the 10 tips below and if this reduces your bloating, we suggest trying a 14 day TinyTeatox to follow up and replenish your system.


We strongly advise to try this list of 10 tips, strictly, for a week – in order to establish whether they do or don’t work!


1. Drink warm/hot water each day – no more than 1- 1.5L (unless you’re running marathons?!)

2. Sleep with a heat pack on your stomach each night after dinner

3. Avoid raw vegetables and fruit: Cook/blanch/stew all vegetables and fruits

4. Cut out sugar – including energy drinks, muffins, muesli bars, coffee – an cut out alcohol!!!

5. Walk every day – a 2-3km walk is amazing to get your system moving. Make sure it is brisk!

6. Eat all meals warm/cooked – ie; stews, soups, toasties, hot pots – avoid salad sandwiches/cereals – this really needs to be adhered to in order to feel full benefits. Fill your body with lean protein, eggs, tofu, beans, green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds. Bread needs to be Rye or grain.

7. Breakfast: hot oats with some nuts and seeds, or eggs with avocado – no cold yoghurts/cereals to start to the day!  A cup of hot water with lemon every morning, add a pinch of fresh ginger too

8. Dinner: eat no later than 7pm and avoid large dinners (food gives you energy, energy is not needed when you’re soon to be sleeping!)

9. Eat larger meals earlier in the day, smaller later in the day

10. Sleep: bed at 10pm, up at 6:30am – sleep is VITAL for healthy digestion


Try this 10 tip challenge and don’t take any shortcuts!


To understand the concept of digestion from a TCM perspective in more depth, read the blog below written by  TCM Practitioner, Dr. Natalie Kringoudis.

“Allow me to explain to you from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective how the digestive system likes to work. Imagine if you will a pot of soup, sitting on a fire. In TCM, both the spleen and stomach are the organs responsible for digestion; they transform and transport to the body the essential elements of the food and drink we consume. The nutrients they draw from food are sent out around the body to do good – and the waste product are removed and sent out as waste.

So going back to our pot again. To help you best understand, the stomach is the ‘pot’ and the spleen is the ‘fire.’ Therefore you may like to understand that digestion is a process that requires warm energy. Then lets add another layer to this – you may know that all foods have properties in how they behave energetically in the body. Those which are warming and invigorating (think meat proteins, some legumes, chili and alike) and those that are cold (like melons and berries) which can slow down such processes.

For those who have a cold constitution, (you know these people, they’d sit on the radiator and would bear burn marks if they had to) adding more cold to the pot can be disastrous and equally those who are hot, adding more heat isn’t necessarily ideal either (it can lead to all kinds of issues like period pain or headaches). So you can quickly start to see, that what works for your cousins uncles baby sitter, won’t necessarily work for you. And just because Miranda Kerr thrives on juice, doesn’t necessarily mean you do too.

Now I’m mad for a good green juice – but what you might not realize is that not only do I take notice of what works best for my body, I also factor in the seasons too. That means that warm foods are awesome in winter when its cold and you can generally tolerate more raw foods in summer. Adding nutrient packed juices into my diet is seasonal. What’s more, raw foods can be very heavy and over consumption can be linked to weight gain because once again, it puts the ‘fire’ out.

From a Western sense, we may like to look at it like this. Our bodies digest food at 37 degrees. So when we consume raw and uncooked foods, not only does it have to go to work to digest, but it first has to get the temperature of the food up to 37 before it can effectively deal with it. For some people this is no problem. But for those with a sluggish metabolism this can be disastrous.”


Much Love,


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Nat Kringoudis

Nat Kringoudis

Natalie Kringoudis is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist, Natural Fertility Educator, Author and owner of The Pagoda Tree.
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